Monday, January 19, 2009

The Dream is True!

Great it is to dream the dream
When you stand in your youth
By the starry stream
But a greater thing
To fight life through
And to say at the end
The dream was true
This was a poem that was spoken many times by John Osteen, and since Mark Davy shared it yesterday morning in the service it has been rolling through my mind. The truth is that most people start out with a dream when they are young and idealistic. They believe in the dream and they see no reason why the dream cannot become a reality.
Many people as life rolls along get into the fight of making the dream a reality and grow weary in the fight. they lose the belief that it can come true. In reality in order to accomplish God's will for our life there will be a fight, there will be challenge, and there will be weariness, but the dream is still God's dream, and if you choose to fight the fight, stand up to the challenge, and push through the weariness, you can accomplish the dream.
The choice is yours and the choice is mine, will we rise to the challenge in order to fulfill God's call for our lives? Will we dare to look beyond disappointment and see the prize that God has prepared for us? Will we push past the weariness and persevere until we accomplish our assignment? Each of us as individuals need to answer that question for ourselves, and to a degree Heaven and Hell are waiting to see what we will do and how we will respond.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Prayer

I am pretty excited to let all of you know that once again this year we are participating in the One Prayer Series. Last year over 1700 churches partnered together for a month to pray, fast share and give toward answering the prayer of Jesus "That they would be one". This year the theme is God Is _____. We will be hearing from some great pastors from around the world sharing with us during our Sunday morning worship time. for more info check out the One Prayer website.

Remember that we Have Mark Davy with us this Sunday so invite anyone that you know that needs a miracle. Mark is an excellent communicator, a Missionary/ Evangelist and has a great healing ministry so I am looking forward to this weekend. Please Pray that god would bring people that need to know Him and that they will experience His love through the service. Have a great day!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I am pretty stoked about this new year of 2009! I know that the media is saying that it is going to be a bad year and everything but truthfully I believe that God is up to something and He wants us to get involved! So what should we do to get involved? Here are a few things that I believe will help.

  1. Get into a steady and solid set of devotions right from the get go. Wayne Cordeiro has a great system that you can find by clicking on the link.
  2. Choose a few people that you know that don't have a relationship with Jesus and pray for them.
  3. Invite people out to church or Life Groups with you.
  4. Talk to people and be in the moment, be real, and be normal. Show God's love through your life not just what you say.

Have a great day!