Thursday, May 7, 2009

A few Blog Treasures

I am excited about what God is doing in me, and what He is doing in us as a church. I believe that are best days are ahead and that we are going to rock this region with the Gospel. I wouldn't trade this life for any other life because I feel I am in the sweet spot of God's will for my life right now. That does not mean that I am not going through any struggles or wrestling with any issues right now, because I am. I am doing a message on the tongue this week and it is rocking my world.

Any way here are a few great Blog posts to set you up for the weekend.

This one is from Mark Batterson He always challenges me to live beyond average

Here is a great one about the church from Larry Osborne Even though he is talking about the American Church I think it applies.

I love this one from Perry Noble .

This one by Steven Furtick will challenge you.

Remember that it is Mothers Day this Sunday and we have some great things planned for them, so invite your mom, your friends mom, or any other mom you know, Hey invite anyone you can think of. Try not to come alone. Have a great one!