Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I was in town yesterday coming out of the bank and I saw a lady that I knew from the Potter's House, so I stopped to say hey. She was sitting on a bench with another lady, who I introduced myself to also. She proceeded to ask me what I did for living and I told her I was a pastor. She responded with Holy **** you are a Pastor? I want to be a pastor to! I went on to ask why she wanted to do that and where she went to church.

Here is the thing. She had no church affiliation, and she could swear like a sailor but she thought that she would like to be a pastor. This encounter made me think a lot about God's call on my life and why I do what I do. The truth is there is sometimes a kind of romantic idea of what it would be like to lead, whether as a boss in a company, a parent in a home or a leader in a church. Many times what people romanticize about is not a clear picture of what the responsibility of the role actually looks like.

The one thing I have learned about leading is that before you lead you need to prove yourself faithful, When you start leading and learning the ropes you have to be faithful, and if you want to continue leading into the future you have to remain faithful. You have to be the person who really cares about all aspects of what you are called to do and you have to keep doing your best whether you feel like it or not , whether you are thanked or not, and whether you are noticed or not.

Are you faithful?